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Apostle Haywood is About Building Game Changers 

Hugh Haywood certainly knows what it means to be delivered by God’s grace. Growing up as a young man in Los Angeles county he witnessed countless lives taken away in their early years. Although he was raised to have good morals by a loving and caring mom, he later drifted into the streets where at an early age he nearly lost his life due to gang affiliation, and even after his life was spared, he ventured back out to the devils playground. This life eventually became tiresome, but the psychological addiction to this lifestyle, he was powerless to break. Notwithstanding the matchless love of God which broke his heart when he met Jesus.

After this personal and heartfelt experience, a zeal was born in Hugh to tell others of his new found friend. The opportunity to share with others became even greater when God’s providence led to him being placed on a team of Bible instructors, it was there where he trained for ministry. During this training he learned how to properly give Bible studies and worked in crusades leading souls to Christ. He has also trained other workers for ministry. As a watchmen called to help build the kingdom of God and be a witness unto all, he serves the lord with all humility of mind knowing that this opportunity has been given to him only by the grace of God.

Hugh Haywood and his lovely wife Neeko desires to bring souls into the gospel net, and has a passion to see those who are struggling as he once did be delivered and set free. Young or old, rich or poor he believes Jesus is the answer for all in pursuit of peace and happiness. He is the Senior Apostle of Apostolic Gangs and a skilled teacher bringing revelation from the word of God with a message to bring light to the misinformed, awareness to unbelievers and to bring them to a place of rest… .He believes Apostolic teams with a prophetic view is how territory is won for the kingdom. If you would like to schedule him for a speaking engagement or a workshop please fill out the request form.

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