.Today there are countless of lives who are incarcerated in prison that have no one from an outside source to interact with. Young man and young women enter this system some at a very young age, some because of bad lifestyle choices, which they now regret, some are there because of a rigged system there are many different reasons people are in prison nevertheless these are souls. The spirit of the Lord , informed me that there are gang leaders today who are incarcerated, that is apostolic gang leaders who need guidance….. whose looking for an outlet while being imprisoned. The Apostle Paul did some of his greatest work from behind bars winning souls to the kingdom. I have been writing and encouraging some of these people who have no support through encouragement. Some of these individuals are stirred up through letters. Today I’m asking you to join me in praying for those who are behind the wall, those who have need of support. Apostolic Gangs is in the process of planning to do a corresponding bible study course that will need great assistants to have a better reach, but praise be to God it starts with one inmate at a time.  Our vision is that some of these individual may find their calling come home and move forward, others who are left inside may lead their fellow brothers or sisters to Christ. The kingdom of God must go beyond the outside world. Those who would like to support a candidate please let us know. You can email us at dealingwiththings@gmail.com